Burapa Asian Perspective
uses top quality hand-woven 100% Thai silk in
its products (unless otherwise stated).

Thai silk is reputedly the world's finest.

Its body, texture, durability, sheen and variety have made it the
material of choice for special occasions and ceremonies for centuries.

Thai Silk yarn has triangular fibres which reflect light like prisms.
It also has layers of protein that give it a natural sheen and makes it
lustrous and smooth.

A particular characteristic of some Thai silk is the weaving together of
yarns of different colours. This gives a dynamic appearance to the silk
(known as luap in Thai) as its colour shifts from one to the other as the
angle of view changes.

                Please note –


                  Our silk has been laboratory tested and has surpassed

                  the standards for flammability of textiles

                  as set by the Product Safety Bureau,Health Canada.