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I remember going to Burapa every time we went to Ottawa and how I wished your shop were here in Montreal instead! I love the 100% pashmina shawl and scarf that I bought a year ago – so soft and warm. My husband loves it too.

                                                                    Jeanne, Montreal.

Love the silk at Burapa, very elegant and unique designs.I got a Mudmee silk jacket and a few silk shawls, still want more!

Catherine, Ottawa

Although I have bought many different products from Burapa, the thing that really stands out is the silk jackets -- I own half a dozen.They travel well, are versatile, don't crease, and dry-clean easily --and never fail to attract envious comments. The range of colours and styles is simply stunning!

                                                                                      Sheila, Toronto


We like all of the gift items and home décor at Burapa.We went to Thailand before but couldn’t find what they had. We learnt later that Burapa had many products made specially for them. The 2 teak ‘winter’ lamps are still in our living room, along with a solid teak bench.A little touch of the Orient that fits in nicely to our life style. Thanks for your taste!

                                                    Chris & Rachael, Ottawa


While on conference in Ottawa, I bought an antique Tibetan chest, and had it delivered to my home in Halifax. It was well-packed and arrived safely.I always visit Burapa when I’m in Ottawa.  

                                                                                                Dr A, Halifax


I always dropped by at Burapa, every time I went to the market –sometimes just to chat with Vadi (the Thai owner), and many times I came out with something. The jewellery is irresistible!I got a lovely coral necklace, a few rings, and many pairs of ear rings. Vadi was a very good helper.She would always let me know what was not suitable for me!

                        Doreen, Ottawa

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